• Wise Hoe Column

    Fish Set Free

    My first show in LA was at an intimate venue in Echo Park, called Vega’s Meat Market. It felt more like some friends playing music in an empty living room than a show. I saw Genevieve, the singer of the band Company of Thieves, who had recently released a very personal solo album on Audiotree, after moving to LA and finding herself and her voice, her loud and bold, yet sweet and beautiful voice. My friend, who had also recently relocated to LA, showed me her NPR Tiny Desk concert. When I heard the song “The Enemy,” it moved me to tears. In an interview, Genevieve says the song was…

  • Psycho Bitch Digest

    Victim to Victor

    Each day I get to know myself a little better, almost too well. I learn things no one wants to know about themselves. No one wants to look into the mirror and see all your demons staring back. I master the language of my body, every ache, every pain, every gurgle in my stomach gets acknowledged. I start to wait on her hand and foot, all day long I aim to please none but she…me. I form a routine around pampering myself, eating right, sleeping enough, drinking plenty of water, the simple things I never gave any thought to. I take long hot showers, sorry California drought, and no one…

  • Wise Hoe Column

    City of Misfits

    It’s a stereotypical Southern California day, not a single cloud blemishes an electric blue sky. Her intoxicating beauty seems to stretch infinitely in all directions. I try to capture this moment with a selfie, but the wind keeps whipping my hair and slapping me in the face. I step into the icy water and it burns my feet. I sink into the ground with each wave, the coarse sand massages and exfoliates my feet. I walk deeper and deeper into the water and leap in. I get sucked under, flip upside down, and sometime while my knees are dragging along the bottom of the ocean, I get de-pantsed. She doesn’t…

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