Welcome to Fish on a Ladder,

The Chronicles of a White Trash Hoe’s Attempt to Climb the Social Ladder.


Art by Kim Kyne

I’m Vera, and yes, if you only take into account my race, socioeconomic status, and sexual tendencies, I am a White Trash Hoe…but there is a lot more to me!

I am an intellectual idiot,  feminist exhibitionist, and optimistic cynic.  I’m a glutton for binge drinking, orgasms, and public humiliation. I’m a polyamorous bisexual unicorn stripper. I am a psychotic bitch with a big heart.

I’m a survivor.

In 2015, I moved from New York to Los Angeles to chase my dreams of elegantly writing and singing horrifyingly honest accounts of human nature, like Kurt Vonnegut…and Tom Waits.

Unfortunately, so far, mine has not been a “rags to riches” story. My attempt to escape poverty has left me feeling like a fish on a ladder. Every time I make any progress, some powerful force pushes me back down. 

Will I make it, or will I continue to swim downstream?  What will I find if I do reach the top? Will I find peace and happiness within myself? Will I be able to change the world?… Or will I find that not all that glitters is gold?… And realize that I had everything I needed all along?

This is my story, the uncensored, unabashed story of my liberation.

“Lord, we know what we are, but not what we may be.”-Ophelia, William Shakespeare, Hamlet